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The launch of the Home & Garden series established My Good Green’s place in the organic and sustainable gardening industry. The line is comprised of four proprietary products: My Good Green Bokashi Plus™; My Good Green Pro-Grow™; My Good Green™ Compost System; and My Good Green™ Pet Compost Kit. Respectively, these products provide green solutions for waste and soil management, also offering bonus benefits like pest and odor control. The industry has taken notice of their organic products and consistent impressive results. My Good Green™ looks forward to continued growth, pun intended!


With imminent plans to retail products nationally, My Good Green™ needed to build a brand that matched the quality of their products and the integrity of their mission. Equally important was crafting an image and message that appealed to a wide-ranging demographic. Full-stack solutions included logo design, package design, website development, product photography, and video production.

Strategy & Results


My Good Green's branding needed to be appealing to greenthumbs and beginners alike, so we took a modern approach and kept things simple. Their motto, 'Love Your Dirt', was the jumping off point for this brand refresh. We created design elements inspired by the rich and healthy soil you get from the products and applied it to packaging, website and other collateral.


The packaging stands out on shelves due to its fresh, bright and colourful design. Iconography helps describe the usability of the products to consumers at a glance, while adding a fun, graphic element to the packaging. We carried these instruction icons through the product videos and other collateral to maintain consistency for consumers.

Website (Check it out!)

The website is a culmination of all the brand assets we built. We created a humorous and approachable experience for users of all gardening abilities and levels.