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Jeff’s Junk believes in making it easy for you to live Junk Free. They offer junk removal and bin rental services for residential and commercial customers. Whether it’s one bin, or several truck loads, Jeff’s Junk delivers full, professional service to all. Their mantra: you shouldn’t have to live with your Junk!


Jeff’s Junk maintained a website but it was dated. There was no obvious path for navigation, and services weren’t clearly outlined creating confusion for staff and customers alike.

They needed a new design with enhanced functionality. The look and tone needed to be true to their brand; professional, informative, and fun - some might even say “cheeky”! Naturally, we were a good fit. Mobile responsiveness and backend accessibility rounded out brief goals.

Strategy & Results

Website (Check it out!)

Our first priority was to address the pain point detailed in their brief. We drafted a content strategy that clearly outlined service areas and offerings, and formatted this strategy in the context of a website outline.

Designs began with product photography; arguably the site’s main character. The images showcase their superior level of service and add a great dimension of personality. The site is fully responsive and built on the WordPress CMS platform.