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Fox's Bakery & Deli | The Freshest Buns in Town

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Fox’s Bakery & Deli isn’t just a local bakery; it’s an institution. In operation for nearly 40 years, they continue to deliver quality product and great service in a family friendly environment.

Best put in their words, “They’re born and “bread” here and have the best buns in town”!


The team at Fox’s Bakery & Deli realized that as consumer purchase behaviours evolved and the digital coupon system proliferated, they needed to adapt accordingly.

The first step was a logo evolution that distilled their heritage essence into a more modern package.

Next, we built them a new website that highlighted their competitive advantages: local; quality; and fair prices.

Strategy & Results

Brand Refresh

First, we modified the existing Fox’s Bakery & Deli logo and signature fox character by making them cleaner and more readable. Next, we designed a website that was visually striking and highly functional.

Website (Check it out!)

Automating otherwise tedious tasks, like updating weekly and monthly specials, provided a better experience for staff and customers. This, complemented by the addition of a newsletter, aimed to elicit regular user engagement. It worked!

Final website touches included a session of product photography and behind-the-scenes video footage. The responsive website is powered by WordPress’ CMS.