The Top 4 Things to Improve Click Through Rates

No preamble necessary—marketers understand how important click through rates are. They indicate that what you sent resonated with your recipient, and how successful your campaign has been. Here are three things to improve CTR:

Draw recipients into the email. People have very little information to decide whether to open or delete, a choice made in milliseconds. They only know who the email is coming from and the subject line—make them both count. Emails coming from a person rather than an entity usually perform better. There are plenty of guidelines for writing open worthy subject lines, but if you’re looking for the bestsubject line, all you can do is test. Test. Test. And, you got it, test.

Deliver personalized, relevant content. People are inundated with emails. If you’re not thrilled to find another “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!” or “Wow, best deal ever” email in your inbox, neither are your recipients. Provide something of value that speaks directly to them. And I don’t mean using their %%FirstName%%; I mean offering content that people really want to open.

Use just one call to action. Don’t dilute your message—have one action you want your recipient to take. If you want them to take your software for a trial run, don’t also ask them to subscribe to your blog, follow you on social and email your mom.

Consider your audience. What’s your niche? Who is your audience? When are they checking emails? What do they want to know? Craft customer personas for people who use your product or service, and create emails that speak directly to them. If your customers tend to be start ups, provide them useful tips for getting up and running; if they’re marketers, don’t patronize them with basic info. Whatever you send, make sure you provide real value.

Of course, always ensure your emails are mobile optimized, as people continue to consume more and more from their mobile devices. And while this is darn good advice, the only way to improve your CTR is to test and iterate—every audience is unique, and you need to find the best way to resonate with yours.

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