Snapshot of Snapchat – Market your brand on Snapchat

By: Jessie Larche – Digital Marketing Specialist

Since its launch in September of 2011, Snapchat has enjoyed a rapid, exponential increase in popularity. With 100 million daily active users – a stat offered up by Snapchat chief executive, Evan Spiegel – the platform’s potential contribution to your bottom line cannot be ignored. This is particularly true if your target market includes millennials and young adults aged 15 – 25. If this fits your brand, you should absolutely incorporate Snapchat into your digital marketing strategy.

Why do users love Snapchat? Its premise is simple and attractive; as the name aptly suggests, Snapchat allows users to send texts, photos, and video messages that vanish 1 to 10 seconds after their friend views it (the sender selects duration). This defining feature – the vanishing act – saves device memory and is…well, fun! It’s no surprise that Snapchat holds the current title of fastest growing messaging app.

Convinced yet? Consider that 3 out of 4 users made an online purchase last May, as reported by GlobalWebIndex in their Q1 social network profile of Snapchat. Also noted in the profile was users’ increased motivation to make a purchase when a coupon or discount was offered. This trend is equally exciting for retailers/service providers who do not offer online purchases but can promote sales and the like on social platforms.

Perhaps the most appealing finding in recent reports is the impressive engagement rate tied to Snapchat content. Marketers have reached engagement rates as high as 80% with snaps attaining users’ exclusive attention for the duration of its “life”. For those concerned about disappearing content, compare this to Facebook – a medium where marketers struggle to achieve engagement rates of 1% despite the permanence of its content.

Speaking of engagement, for brands and marketers, Snapchat’s ‘Story’ feature is of utmost importance. Akin to a timeline or newsfeed found on social media counterparts, stories are a collection of photos or videos that are available for 24 hours to anyone (if you choose so) and which can be replayed multiple times. If a sequence of snaps are posted to a story, they will be viewed in the order in which they were posted. This limited availability encourages users to check stories regularly before their expiration.

Lastly, note that a majority of Snapchat users remain active on other social applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Earlier I noted incorporating Snapchat; remember that an integrated approach is best when marketing your brand online.

If by this point you are eager to launch Snapchat – and you should be – on your own device(s), check-out Snapchat’s comprehensive how-to guide: As always, the team at Larche Digital Media is eager to provide assistance and encourages you to reach out with any questions. Until then, happy snapping!

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